Aeration and Seeding

Aerating your lawn is extremely important and vital to maintaining healthy turf. Allowing water, air, and nutrients into the soil and roots is one of the most important things you can do to your lawn every year. Aerating also reduces thatch and compaction of the soil, two things that can prevent water and nutrients from entering the soil. When water and nutrients cannot enter the soil they run-off and make it impossible to maintain healthy turf and can also be damaging to the environment through fertilizer run-off into our water ways. Aerating benefits your lawn and the environment.

-Improve turf health. By allowing nutrients, water, and oxygen to get directly to the roots is critical to maintain great turf. Aeration will create channels in the soil for all of this to take place and at the same time it provides the roots a channel to grow dense roots. Dense roots will help maintain thicker, denser turf.

-Reduce thatch build-up. Thatch is organic matter made up of dead grass that can create a layer in your lawn over time that can cause serious problems. When thatch build up it will hold water and nutrients and prevent them from getting into the root zone so they can’t be abosorbed by the roots. Aeration reduces thatch by breaking up the ‘layer’ or ‘thatch mat’ and allow air and micro-organisms into the thatch layer to break it down naturally.

-Relieve soil compaction. Compacted soils can prevent water and nutrients from getting into the soil. Poor drainage can also be a result of compaction. All of these will cause thinning and dead spots in the turf. 

-Overseeding. When planning on overseeding a lawn the most important factor to ensure the seed will germinate is seed to soil contact. Before seeding aeration creates a nest for the seeds to germinate in. Getting the seed into these aeration holes will allow the seeds to germinate in a perfect environment, with the surrounding soil providing nutrients and water to the young seed and later to be seedling. 

We use custom seed blends to make sure the seed that you get is specifically chosen for your site needs. Different sites need different seeding rates and varieties of seed, so let our experts blend a mixture specifically for your site's needs.

Need help? Our experts can help you.

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